Биографија      Библиографија      Избор на трудови публикувани од Славе Катин     Симпозиуми, конференции

          The purpose of writing this book was to challenge slanted conventional views of “the Macedonian” and, from a historical perspective, to re-open the “Macedonian question”. Our aim here is to explore issues which still remain in the various political stages, scenarios, games and millennia old appetites, distorting by means of cause and effect, international relations in this very sensitive region on the European map.

          Through the pages of this investigation our goal is to offer the reader historical proof about Macedonia which we hope will contribute to shaping the historical mosaic of the autochthonous Macedonian people, their continuity, national identity and their contribution to world civilization. At the same time we hope to expose and confront historical injustices perpetrated against the Macedonian people by misuse of the “Macedonian question”.

          This book is dedicated to Macedonia and to the Macedonian people as it tackles the question of whether or not particular political entities have exclusive rights to monopolize the Macedonian historical heritage. And respectively whether or not contemporary young generations, born and raised in the various “politically diverse” parts of Macedonia be they in Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, or the Republic of Macedonia, have been taught and believe that Macedonians don’t have enough historical knowledge to realize that they are the same people, Macedonians, belonging to one country, Macedonia.

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