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          Following my travels all over the world, I have published numerous texts and publications about the Macedonian emigrants who live in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. In addition to our talks about their golgotha, their typical problems and issues of an intimate nature were not avoided. Their genetic connection however with their families is very characteristic. This book titled “The Macedonian Emigrants’ Carousel” bears witness to this claim. It contains 20 confessions of our people at different ages, from different social statuses and no matter in which part of the world they live they nevertheless cherish their undying love for their homeland, their Macedonia.      
          The Macedonian man faces the fact that his major problem in the Diaspora is not only his day-to-day survival, but also his choice of a lifelong mate, to marry and start a family with, since marriage is holy for them and worthy of making great sacrifices.  
          The intimate stories contained in this book confirm this fact best. No matter where the struggle for the roots of the Macedonian family commences, whether in North America, Europe, Australia, or other countries, what is importa5nt is that “blood is thicker than water”. And, consequently, the choice of the other half is neither easy nor uncomplicated. Regardless of the beauty, good-heartedness, ability and faith in married life of the Macedonians, the following stories show that the strict criterion for a Macedonian family could hardly be satisfied by women from other nationalities other than the Macedonian damsels, with a few exceptions of course. This book, however, dwells on these selected stories which offer the best explanation on this subject.    

 Slave Katin