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The English-Macedonian Bio-technical Dictionary is a result of Slave Nikolovski-Katin, long-standing translation work, realized first of all at the Hydrobiological Institute in Ohrid. I is prepared with the aim of filling a gap in the field of biotechnical terminology and to be an aid to the students, and scientific workers who use English in this field and other natural and biotechnical sciences. In addition, the dictionary might be useful in many Macedonian and other homes as a reminder, handbook and linguistic aid.

      The dictionary consists of approximately 7.000 words and terms, expressions and notions connected with the biotechnical sciences. The English language covers a very great area and it is the language in which most of the professional and scientific books are written. Numerous magazines and various scientific and professional journals and reviews of different sciences been written in English. It is one of the most important languages-in the world. English is the language of science, technology, correspondence, art and business...
      The English-Macedonian Bio-technicalDictionary by Slave Nikolovski-Katin, is a great contribution to the scientific work of the Hidrobiological Institute. During its preparation, the author used the latest dictionaries, encyclopaedies, lexicons, glossaries, scientific publications and other literature and aid in English, Russian, French, German, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian and Macedonian.

Dr. Boris Ocevski